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Table of Contents


Carole, Bharati, Stuart, Marco

Attending and Minuting

Minuting: SergejsSergey

Attending: Jits, Stian, Paolo, David, Ian, Franck, Alex, Constantinos, Sergey, Paul

Actions from Previous Meeting

  • Paul: to talk to David regarding  out of  memory of memory problems. ONGOING
  • Alan- To look into T2 documentation user manual section header - thought about options, need to write it all up. ONGOING
  • All : Register for F2F at DONE, except for Franck
  • Alan : put Jits' BOSC talk on website. DONE
  • Katy: send Alan her presentations and check Carole's presentations from her talks. ONGOING
  • Stuart : Check agenda for All-Hands to see if a developer side meeting can be arranged - clarified. ONGOING
  • Jits: speak to Constantinos about getting more memory sticks and shirts (both for AHM and ECCB, so increase the amounts). DONE

OMII Operations and Management