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2014-04-30: This release adds the methods WorkflowBundleIO.getSupportedReaderMediaTypes() and getSupportedWriterMediaTypes(). This version will not allow invalid names of workflow beans , (e.g. containing /:or ASCII controll characters).

Changes: (commit log)

  • ReaderException if nested workflow uuid is not found
  • SCUFL2-87: Disallow certain invalid characters in name

  • use Accept headers for readBundle(URL)
  • Updated error msg: activity or dispatch layer
  • Log warning if multiple mediatypes are found
  • Escape \ in annotations to to \\ in turtle

  • content type "content/unknown" (as returned by OpenJDK 7 URLConnection) ignored



2013-11-18: This patch release updates SCUFL2's t2flow parser to correctly set the @base for any SemanticAnnotation's, e.g. from Taverna 2's Component Plugin. This is used by scufl2-wfdesc which now embeds any annotations on workflows, processors and ports.