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  • when you create more than 1 input or output parameter they all get stacked together making the selection very difficult - FIXED
  • 'SCUFL INTERNAL SINKPORT' appears when you create more than 1 input or output - FIXED
  • the color of the input and output box is sometimes very strange(multiple colours) - FIXED
  • No support for 'complex type services'
  • Renaming an input or output is very difficult, new name doesn't appear until you close then re-open the workflow - FIXED
  • sometimes all the processors+input+output gets stacked together - FIXED


  • Can connect a Processor to itself - causes an error which prevents the diagram displaying correctly there on. FIXED
  • The accuracy of right clicking on a node is sometimes slightly off.
  • Renaming input or output ports does not get reflected in the view. - FIXED
  • Renaming an input/output port in the view causes a NullPointerException - FIXED