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Please fill in your requirements for using Taverna workflows via a web interface.


What we intend to do in HELIO is to provide a list of Taverna workflows which are shared in myExperiment with a certain group on the web interface. A user should be able to execute these workflows on the Taverna server (web interface requests required inputs as detailed in the workflow description) and see their process id / results on the web interface as well.


  • Java API to myExperiment
  • Java API to Taverna server

(Not sure whether I got the right level of detail)


A new requirement for the NeISS project is exactly the same as for HELIO - pull public workflows belonging to a certain group from myExperiment into the NeISS portal and run them on a Taverna Server. The application is developed as JSR-168-compliant portlet (portlet API 1.0).


The IMPACT project requirements mostly overlap with those already published on the wiki.

We have developed a client interface for the Taverna 2 Server (using version 0.2.1) which allows users to either upload a .T2Flow file from their local disk or login to myExperiment, browse their workflows and retrieve a .T2flow from there. Then, a form is created dynamically by parsing the .T2Flow and the user can enter input values and run the workflow using Taverna 2 Server. Results will be displayed on the website, which in our case is a Typo3 CMS.


Similar to above. A web form for filling in the workflow inputs is needed and a web display page to view/download the results. Components implemented as Web Services make the most sense for reusability. In our case just accessing a URL with a workflow id as a parameter (as it exists in myExperiment) would return a web form page.