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First of all you need to make a decision as to where to install the libraries. We generally recommend installing the .jnilib files in the same location as the .jar files (i.e. in lib in your Taverna home directory), as described in the section Configure dependencies. However, since supporting JNI will require you to modify the Taverna startup scripts, you might want to install them in the lib directory in the Taverna installation/startup directory instead. Here we will do the Taverna home directory option.


On Mac OS X, a startup script is not used as Taverna is wrapped in an application bundle. A MAC OS X bundle are a kind of directory. If dependency on dynamic libraries is needed, we recommend you install the JNI libraries inside the Taverna bundle. However the JAR files must be configured as explained in the Configure dependencies section.


Technically, you could use almost the same solution as in Linux, but you would have to start Taverna using the command line:

Code Block
DY_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Taverna-2.2.0/lib/ /Applications/Taverna\