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Whiteboard summaries

  • Sean: SKOS paper finally accepted in JWS
  • Rob: to finish curating software software, then we'll do a tweet
  • Carole: booted 4 threads of funding (with Khalid; SySMO and BBR for synthetic biology - SYSMO UK; with Alastair for OpenPHACTS UK, with Norman Morrison on Meta Genomic Portal)
  • Carole also working on Elixir, policy level stuff with Katy, going to the EPSRC expert panel for medicine, ...
  • Donal: improving the performance of Taverna Server
  • Stuart: working on the new version of SEEK for the paper, moving SEEK to a new server
  • Khalid: Motif ontology for describing wfs is on-line, submitted paper with Pinar to Data On-line, overlaps with other ontologies, SWO/EDAM, Pinar might align it with SWO later on
  • Ahmad: Taverna Web site has a few modified pages, a few new diagrams; Carole: there are 2 aspects to the Web site - the project/academic aspect, and the product aspect - currently neither are looking very well
  • ESBE, Elixir and BioMedBridges - similar effort in building service/software catalogue
  • SSI 6-months' Fellows meeting, sorting out contracts, next week going to Oxford for the software carpentry workshop
  • Alan: fighting the Taverna code, in particular myExp perspective which mixes code with UI and is hard to use on the Server; working on the proposal for tech-track @ ISMB
  • Ian: OpenPHACTS released the API for chemistry community

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