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A strong overall aim of this work is to enable a true continuous release mechanisms for Taverna. Most of the work will be hardening, documentation and porting (and any necessary bug fixes) as oppose to features. (23/09 - David confirmed this)

  • Documented process/routine for doing an update
    • How to do a quick patch? (“Service X needs new parameter Y!”, “Snow leoapard graphviz does not work!”)
    • How to do a bigger update (consistening of a set of updates) - current configuration -> new configuration : analyze to determine osgi bundle changes.
    • say several APIs have changed in platform and we need new command line options and a new button in the Run dialogue
  • How to do a new download?
    • How can it be picked up by old installations? Do they need to reinstall? (That should be OK as long as they are not left behind) - meeting Stian, Alan, David needed
    • Effect on plugin developers? - meeting discussion and decide what to do - e.g. API need to be strictly extensive - can we live with this - discussion David and Donal - (related to impl dependencies)
  • Plugins compatibility check against updatesupdates 
  • Plugin support (archetype, deployment)
  • Remove any remaining impl dependencies (may require new api/impl splits)
  • Porting of existing plugins
    • Port myExperiment (as is) - Shoaib to talk to David about this - define the API/IMPL split - refer to workflows repository - maybe AstroTaverna with Stian .- 23/09 - Stain to do AStroTaverna
  • Update architype for activity code For David


NOTE - report need at 6pm on Friday - get ask him to e-mail the Jira things he has been working on, note things he realised need to be worked that he is not working on.


  • Make modules more OSGi aware - services transient and not all there at the beginning - ACTION - ask David if this is done to a good enough level - 23/09 David says it's ongoing
  • Implement other service types
    • need to go through service types with Alan and see what needs to be done in context (e.g. tool service) -  23/09 check config with scufl2
  • Pickup config and preferences in one way (OSGi config service) - ask David if the way he has done it as a service - in which case no need to do the OSGi config - ask him how cmd line will deal with proxies
  • Kymbat usability changes, fairly simple low hanging fruit ones - ACTION - Alan to go through with David to see what has been done and what has not
  • improve iteration strategy on diagram - this is a must for c2 - get this working with the latest working of Dot (action in itself) - Taverna's dot parser - 2 weeks work 1 week test - sounds important - (donal used leopard version on mountain lion and it worked - not ideal)
  • Scope out change needed for big data (e.g. reference service and the db backend)
    • more of a documentation task - guidance of existing system as well as how to impove the system to handle bigger things
    • need a definiton (more than one disk, more than in memory, partitioning) - one of the team get David input - Donal to lead
  • show cardinalities on the diagram - 23/09 David to look into


Stain - 50% Taverna 3 and rest Provenance
Alan - meetings and ?
Alex N - 50% from mid- October
Donal - 50% from October

Documentation (this looks like a month of work) documentation and fixing bugs


<Alan to provide specification> of testing (e.g. load, run, provenance) - all of the myExperiment workflows which is used for release - point David to them Alan

Build workflows form the starter pack - Alex N

Unit testing

Any new and modified code should be covered by appropriate unit test code coverage.


  • add interaction service (this should be at the start of M5) - Alan to do - ideally in M7 - but could be after beta - depends on workload
  • port & refactor myExperiment plugin - after the beta
  • port & refactor BioCat plugin - after beta - Alan says needs a big re-design
  • Add component plugin (starting from existing 2.x Component plugin) - Alan and Stian to do - but after the beta - however - provenance is more important for SCAPE and BioVeL
  • write user guide to Taverna 3 - Alex N - do before beta - immediate pre-release
  • Update archetype for activity tutorials - Alex N - with the beta - or could come a month after
  • BioMart 0.8 in the Taverna 3 work - Donal - after beta
  • Verticals - Stian - take out defaults, look after branding, decide release or config - after beta
  • renderers discussion (keep or not) - early on in M5 (starting on 20/sept) - 23/09 - David to go through and test that they work - says lot's of copied code
  • Update the server to work with the new Taverna 3 command line - Donal
  • Testing on alternative exec environments e.g. running on a server - Donal - Shoaib's think with or soon after beta


  • Taverna 3 workbench
  • Taverna 3 platform service (OSGi)
  • Taverna 3 platform jar for none OSGi environments
  • Taverna 3 commandline
  • Taverna 3 server with alternative execution environment support (e.g. WB running a workflow on a server instance)
    • needs to update the server (use the updated command line in the first instance rather than the platform) - by (Donal)
  • Documentation