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Actions from previous meeting (10 mins)

  • Christian: Arrange a teleconwith telecon with Gerhard to talk about their experience with Knime (ongoing)
  • Andy Brass (2012-05-11): Ask german student to
    • a) send Shoaib his report on KNIME (2012-06-22) Shoaib to follow up  (done)
    • b) possibly present to mygrid team via skype or webcast (ongoing
  • Stuart: email Stefan Muller to accept Amazon time, waiting to speak with Rob (done)
  • Carole/Alasdair: (2012-06-22) Speak to Gerhard about KNIME (done)
  • Shoaib: (2012-06-22) Oversee drawing up of a list of servers that are centrally managed and have old/deprecated operating systems or are not actively being updated. Issues around production servers and research/development servers. (ongoing)
  • Shoaib/Alasdair/Christian: (2012-06-22) Identify needs for the Open PHACTS server (ongoing)
  • All: (2012-08-03) Send any presentations to Duncan for Slideshare (done - Duncan no longer responsible)
  • Duncan: (2012-08-03) Find out if anyone in Doug Kell grp using KNIME for possible presentation (done)