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Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Table of Contents


Paolo, Katy, Carole 

Attending and Minuting

Attending: Alex, Stuart, Ian, David, Bharathi, Franck, Stian, Jits, Constantinos, Tom, Marco, Alan, Paul

Minuting: Ian

Actions from Previous Meeting

  • Stuart, Paolo to arrange data meeting with Marco - ongoing - probably after end of June post T2
  • Antoon: Set up Bio Group meeting - ongoing
  • Carole: Choose attendee for All Hands meeting (NESC meeting in July 17-18) - complete (Carole is attending)
  • Tom: Forward email from caGrid to Alex  ongoing - cancelled - email has disappeared into the ether
  • Alan: Send names of projects using Taverna to Neil - complete
  • Stuart: Bump selected stories to next iteration - complete
  • Stuart: Announce daily IRC chat (16:00) to myGrid list  - complete
  • Alex: Find out what Machiel is doing on security - complete - not currently relevant to the T2 work
  • Stuart: Discuss with Constantinos the guidelines for people contributing to Taverna's code - ongoing

new Action - Alan/Katy - check reply to Erasmus medical centre (Rotterdam) regards their Taverna enquiry

OMII Operations and Management

Went well, Malcolm was pleased, Neil also thanks everyone for job well done (including our friend Marco).  The board has an advisory role, it has some heavy hitters who can influence future funding.  One possible direction is for OMII to become more reactionary in future rather than develop core products.  Will still have a sustainability role.  Cross platform issues like Spring architecture will be pushed.

18-20 June e-social science conference at Manchester.  OMII have a stand, may need Taverna presence. 

T2 Progress Overview

Top priority tasks assessed.  Achievable but very tight timescales. Tom dedicating to Data Manager.  Alex to security. A/C to GUI.  Activity palette unassigned, v important to CA grid.

new action - Tom - e-mail design/thoughts on activity palette.

Need to figure out what bits of existing code are unclean when we re-use any.

new action - Stuart - wiki page to list T1 artifacts and comment "clean, unclean, old mygrid, external".

Report back/Upcoming from Team A

 Working on Contextual Views for activities eg. Beanshell.  Remember to set the ID for Java help.  Provenance - focussing on queries, query approach and benchmarking.

Report back/Upcoming from Team B

Bio Catalogue meeting.  There will be 4 levels of annotation with sliding scale of detail - Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.  Will select a few services and develop prototype for these from june-sept.

myExperiment develop bio cat UI in a myExp deployment, Thomas @ EBI will be the main developer.  Wiki and mailing list now up - contact Jits for details.

Packs have been redesigned.  Internal & External links now URIs, the system will figure out what they are.  A pack can be exported as an Atom feed or an ORE manifest.

Report back/Upcoming from Team C

 Investigating blank workbench.  Launcher + Raven.  Pluggable toolbars/menus.  SVG events for clickalble graphics (to launch eg a contextual view).

Stian at OS Grid & Cluster conference in Oakland last week.  Ravi presented 3 times with a Taverna mention in each.  Ravi has developed GRAVI tool - SOAPLAB like - developed a Taverna plugin to execute it.  Uses data references so could be a ggod T2 example.  Ian Foster is very happy with Taverna and the help we have given.  General happiness that we don't use BPEL.  GT4.2 has different security API, might make it easier to use.  OGSA DAI is used in Grid Shib.

Bharathi looking at LDAP security access on NW grid.

Alex - developed simple agent to push WSS headers using WSS4J. Working on Taverna integration, removing WSIF if possible. 

Report back/Upcoming from Team Frog

Workflow monitor - waiting for final docs.  Instant SOAP - needs some clear use case examples.  Need a comparison with SOAPLAB.  

Marco asked if there was a tutorial of biomoby web service creation - new action - Katy.

The FROG website won v Rebecca.  Using Cite-u-like to grab references from website and exporting as bibtec.  Tom uses Jabref - might be worth investigating.  Talking to Duncan about syndicating his blog. 

Report back/Upcoming from Team Tom

Investigating using Spring framework.  Looking at Raven/Spring/hibernate co-existence.  Tom gave a detailed analysis of the work and while everyone believes it is a good direction to head for it is too risky given the current timescales.  Could be something for T2.1 

Report back/Upcoming from Training, Outreach and Curation

See Team B bio-catalogue.  Also going to contact SeekDA. 

Report back/Upcoming from BioAssist

New format for the meeting, users now involved.  New chairman.  6 different platforms being tested.  Need some e-science advice on general planning and technical issues.

New action - Marco - send platform annual reports to the mygrid list.

Marco requested regular skypes between us and bio-assist.  He was at the Face 2 Face and worked with Don on executing through myExp.  Talked to Neil and he has been thinking about a myExp for tools - could probably use myExp as it is. 

Round-table from Floating Team Members

Paul - found a bio ID conversion tool on web.  New action - Paul - send out URL. 

Upcoming Milestones/Cross Team Scheduling Issues

Support Hat and JIRA Review (alternate weeks)

Upcoming Meetings

Jeremy Cook now 9/10 June

Funding News

Any Other Business (AOB)

Minuting for the Next Meeting

Previous/Next Minutes

Previous meeting: 2008-05-13

Next meeting: 2008-05-27

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