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  • Paper for e-Science 2008 has been submitted. This is a good documentation for myExperiment.
  • OAuth support implemented for myExperiment.
  • Is working on the support of different types of workflows for myExperiment. Initially that is to have options to: either "try to infer metadate from workflow file" or "set all metadata manually and upload preview file".
  • myExperiment release this week - this is to contain a lot of user-requested features.
  • Design-a-thon at EBI in Cambridge:
    • Explaining what is myExperiment all about;
    • Investigating where does myExperiment fit in for BioCatalogue project.
    • Possible opportunity to refactor / rewrite and improve some of myExperiment codebase to suit better requirements of BioCatalogue.


  • worked with Kylie Khalid on the submission paper for Microsoft conference.