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TeSS is not a repository for training materials where you would upload files and trainees would view or download them - it does not store training materials themselves; rather it stores links to original training materials. TeSS is a registry where we collect and present just 'links and metadata' about training materials; people then use the filtering, searching, and sorting tools to discover materials they need and use the link to be directed to the original source where they can begin training. As it is a registry, if you have training materials - you will need to upload them to a Web site or some kind of training repository like GOBLET and then have them registered (automatically or manually) with TeSS.

TeSS is available at and this version had been developed by the ELIXIR TeSS Pilot project (see the documentation about the TeSS Pilot), during which we have engaged the ELIXIR training and user community and inquired about their requirements and expectations of a training portal (April 2014 - September 2015).

At the end of the ELIXIR TeSS Pilot project (September 2015), TeSS has received further funded funding though the EU ELIXIR EXCELERATE project - to harden the TeSS using a more flexible/extensible platform (Ruby on Rails). Please refer to the most up to date documentation, source code and installation instructions on TeSS EXCELERATE .

The main concepts in TeSS are: content providers, training materials, training packages, training workflows and training events, as well as ELIXIR nodes.