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However, if the service in question could return both PENDING and RUNNING before finally returning COMPLETE it would be better to check on is equal to COMPLETE. More complex scenarios can be covered with a custom looping condition. (See below)

Looping is shown the Diagram by double lines. The Advanced details should now show the looping configuration. (It is a known bug that looping is not shown in the diagram).

The delay will add a sleep between each iteration, which can be useful to avoid 10.000 status checks per second and killing the web service.


titleNot all output ports are listed

Only service output ports returning single values (depth 0) are included in the port drop-down. If you want to compare output ports with lists, you will need to create a Customized loop condition to inspect the list.

You can download the finished example looping workflow from myExperiment. When running you will see that checkStatus takes a while to finish, and that you get the outputs result: 10 and state: COMPLETE.