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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0


Ongoing problem with error handling.  Should be fixed if proposals are implemented and/or once retry is exposed. Currently has to re-run workflow until no errors. Is happy to run snapshot.

Action on Stian: Try to remember why/if retries stopped working.

Wants a Perl interpreter similar to that for Beanshell.  Probably involves switching to Java 1.6.  Stian said there would probably be library issues. Entered into Jira as T2-1295


Paul suggested there might be a problem with recursive XML splitters.  This is probably a service issue.

Action on Paul: Send "recursive splitter" workflow to support.

Workflow open file dialog should remember its size.  Entered into Jira as T2-1289


Not clear what use SeqVista renderer is.

Action on Alan: Ask Taverna users if they use SeqVista renderer.

Franck's comments

Wants to be able to do copy of multiple services including links.  This is already in Jira as T2-1241


Needs legend for the diagram.  Maybe overlay or labels of diagram contents.  Entered into Jira as T2-1294

Action on Alan: Describe city services in BioCatalogue