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Scufl2 has moved to Apache (incubator) 

Information in this section is out of date!


The definition of a workflow, its processors, inputs/outputs and links.


The workflow file should set the @base to the form <workflow/$name>} so that nested resources can be referenced relatively, like {{<processor/$processorName>.


Code Block

@base <workflow/Helloworld/>
@prefix scufl2: <> .

    a scufl2:Workflow ;
    scufl2:name "Helloworld" ;
    scufl2:inputWorkflowPort <in/yourName> ;
    scufl2:outputWorkflowPort <out/results> ;
    scufl2:datalink <datalink/1>, <datalink/2> ;
    scufl2:processor <processor/Hello> .