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Unfortunately, Hudson also does the "Build projects that depend on me" logic, meaning that many some projects are built twice or more during the night.

The [net.sf.taverna.t2.builds.taverna-workbench.maintenance] project is run every night, and does a complete checkout of the Taverna build tree on the maintenance branch. This ensures that all of Taverna can be built in one go - and on success it will deploy the snapshot artifacts to myGrid's snapshot Maven repository.

This means that the snapshots are only deployed if everything builds, and all the unit tests pass.

There's the equivalent net.sf.taverna.t2.builds.taverna-workbench which builds all of the trunk source code.

There's a separate Hudson build triggered which creates the Nightly Snapshot.

User access

You should have access to log in to Hudson if you are a member of the mygrid-developer group, using the same login as on this wiki and on our issue tracker Jira.