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Wolstencroft, K.Metadata in myGrid: Finding services for in silico Science2008  
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Wolstencroft, K.Build BLAST video2007 Download 
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Linking in the Wild
2006 Download 
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Goble, C.eScience - or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Grid / Semantic Web2003 Download 
Goble, C.The Grid Needs You. Enlist Now!2003 Download 
Goble, C.The Semantic Web meets the Grid2003 Download 
Goble, C.Knowledge and Provenance:A knowledge model perspective2003 Download 
Goble, C.myGrid: open knowledge basedhigh level services for bioinformatics2003 Download 
Goble, C.High level Knowledge-based Grid Services for Bioinformaticans2003 Download 
Goble, C.Nobody said it was easy: Semantically Discovering BioGrid Services is tricky2003 Download 
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Goble, C.myGrid: Personalised e-Science on the Grid2002  
Goble, C.myGrid: Personalised e-Science on the Grid2002  
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