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Comment: Task marked incomplete


  • Make Tag -> Add a button

  • Have Update disabling/enabling (not to do with whether there have been changes - to do with whether has gone into database)

  • Warn if leaving page
  • Change text to say Manage Workflow not Manage Workflow Entry
  • Move content of Edit This Version page to Manage Workflow page
  • Remove Edit This Version button
  • Make Add under Tags a button
  • Make delete in Tags a button
  • Make Cancel in Manage Workflow a button
  • In Credit and Attribution - Add> should be Add
  • Make delete in Credit and Attribution a button
  • Sharing should be accordioned
  • License/Rights - the last few licenses do not have Attributes part.

There is a lot of work to do on Credit and Attributions - no time to fix

Workflow list - Ian/Alan

  • declutter
  • download button next  to name
    • needs to go for files and packs as well 
  • colour non-working workflows
  • paging - Stuart
  • Filter by * must be accordioned
  • In entries for the individual workflows, remove Avatar panel, if necessary put Original Uploaded in the main panel
  • Move Created, License, Rating, Viewed and Tags into accordioned Details
  • Move indication of version from title to Details
  • Remove indication of version from Download
  • Remove View (as obvious you should click)
  • Make Download into a proper Button and put next to Title

Download workflow - Stuart