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Niall, Finn, Milo, Terri, Chris



Last Weeks Actions

  • Niall - order new stickers

    • ongoing

  • Niall - enable TeSS tagging for for-profits

    • ongoing

  • Niall - investigate Twitter feed; don’t pursue ‘spotlights

    • a work in progress… need an automated feed (not enough resource to do this ‘personally’). 

    • CT: There is a big training community on Twitter. can help to gain traction in the Twittersphere - it can help to show which tags to use/follow. Could also be used for scientific topics/domain of application.

  • Niall and Terri - meet and discuss implementing EMBER workflow next week

    • DONE


ECCB: poster needs to be printed, all else is in hand

New Actions

 Action: Niall to notify Terri when the workflow is sufficiently stable to allow Terri to make edits.