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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0

I have attached two possibilities for showing the design perspective in Taverna 2.1.

They are 

Tab of workflow explorer and object details 

Tab of workflow diagram and workflow explorer 

To see them in action, within Taverna 2.0

  1. Save the files to your local machine (r-click on the links above and save as)
  2. Start up Taverna 2.0
  3. Click on Advanced -> Edit Perspectives -> New...
  4. Choose a name e.g. tabbedleft
  5. You should automatically get a blank perspective called tabbedleft
  6. Click on Advanced -> Edit Perspectives -> Load...
  7. Choose a file you just downloaded.  It should then populate the perspective

You should be able to create your workflows as usual.
Note that these perspectives do not:

  • have all the features that will go in Taverna 2.1
  • do not link the activity/service palette to the "object details"
  • have some known problems e.g. the scrolling in the workflow explorer.

Please comment on these two possibilities or feel free to suggest (or even design) your own.

There is the possibility that rather than force a single choice on users, we could allow several alternatives and let them choose in preferences.