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Monitor does not detect service failure
Biomoby is running very slowly
Beanshell dependencies configuration is ignored
Store provenance error reporting
Can't add activity without dragging- already covered in Activity Palette replacement
Can't add alternates
Failing translation of workflows should still open
On-disk storage too slow when running workflows - already covered by data storage work
No diagram: No warning if dot location is wrong
Viewing of intermediate values (provenance) and UI for viewing intermediate results for current workflows in the workbench


Types of Values in workflows
loop-ui:0.2 is reported as being missing
Improved iteration and process complete colours
Loading a file into input builder shows a link and not the file
lots of warning displayed on the command window
Choice of names is confusing - already covered by renaming
Cannot import a workflow
Pan in diagram is problematic
Can't configure from clicking on processor in diagram - already covered by workflow explorer (and diagram) work

One vote:

Misinterpretation of output port depth for WSDL service
See how many iterations on nested workflows or processors
Feedback for provenance database creation
Need collapse/expand all for activities in the workflow explorer- already covered in workflow explorer work
Drag and drop to create new input/output
Add Configure Processor to edit menu
Deselecting a BioMart query takes a long time
Output values should indicate that there is an error
Name of current workflow needs to be obvious
Provevance v Data Storage difference not clear
Show/hide ports on a single processor resets the whole diagram
Strange plugin appearing and affecting runnability
Iteration strategy editor is too small by default
Improve the speed of on-disk storage for data
Rationalize codebase to simplify build- this is the codebase work
Review what needs changing on the UI for renaming - this is part of the renaming work does not work when symbolically linked
execute command line app is broken
Exposing input/output values and service metadata in the T2 UI
Processor right click text unclear
Re-naming duplicate processors
Port data connection highlight
The workflow can run even if there are unconnected ports
Partial workflow shown during execution
Launch workflow button should be at bottom of input builder
Delete node in Input builder does not work
Name of Workflow input builder is confusing
Title of contextual viewer is scrambled
Loading/transforming workflow progress bar/circle
No way to test a service
Drag and drop symbol unclear
Beanshell scripts can't return integers
Zoom in available in diagram during run but not zoom out
Workflow explorer should be hideable- this is part of the design perspective rework
Order contents of Workflow Explorer - this is part of the workflow explorer work
Binary data should not be stored using base64
No feedback while opening workflow
Workflow input/outputs don't have Link from output/Link to input in right-click menu
Unnecessary "No value" branch in Activity Palette for activities that don't match partition- covered by Activity Palette replacement
Workbench size/position not saved
First build fails due to missing testhelpers