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The source code of Taverna 2 is kept in a Subversion repository, hosted by Google Code Project hosting.

NOTE: Google Code will shut down in 2016 - see an archived SVN tree at


Note that historic source code (Taverna 1) is archived in our SourceForge CVS repository- any Taverna 2 related modules in CVS (like t2core) should be empty as Taverna 2 code has moved to the Subversion repository described here.

A copy of the SourceForge CVS repository is available at

You can browse the Subversion repository at the Google code pages, or access directly in your Subversion client.

If you want write access to the official repository, see developer access. To get write access to the mygrid-labs repository is less strict and open to anyone interested, as we only require the copyright agreement for the official code.


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