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This page is used to see how Taverna compares with other open source applications wrt their processes.  The applications are Open Office, Firefox, Gimp and Miro.  These were chosen simply because they are popular.


Creator: Participatory Culture Foundation

License: GPL

Leverages: RSS, Bittorrent etc.


Other can help:

  • translate Miro
    • register at launchpad
    • translate web site, user documentation, application
  • answer questions
    • dedicated question site
    • can see popularity of question
    • almost no answers (sad)
  • test Miro
    • bugtesting guide
    • need to register
  • write code
    • contact details
    • installation/development guide
    • IRC details
    • List of community projects to work on - can add own ideas
    • List of bugs to work on

To contribute must:

  • be the sole author of the contributed code or have rights to assign copyright to PCF, and
  • all contributions must have copyright assigned to PCF, and
  • all committed code files must contain a specific header
  • the code must belong to you or you must have full rights to publish and license it, and
  • code checked in using an account associated with your employer requires permission from your employer to check that code in, and
  • if you check in code written by someone else, you must have their full permission to check it in and you should attribute the original author in the SVN comments and email address, and
  • code checked into the SVN repository must be licensed under "GPL v2 or later" or under a license that has been approved by PCF. Non-code contributions (icons, images, ...) must be GPL compatible.

New developers and designers get write access to the SVN repository:

  • after they've submitted a few significant patches, and
  • existing developers feel confident in their ability to make reasonable changes, and
  • after they have emailed legal at pculture dot org for a copy of the Contributor Assignment form, signed it, and handed it in (instructions are on the form)

Extensibility: unclear

Release schedule: seems every one or two months

Open Office

Creator: is governed by the Community Council

License: LGPL


Others can help:

  • as members (don't do much)
  • contributors who may be developers on specific projects (content developers just develop documentation)
  • project leads

Must register
Projects can be:

  • Accepted (part of core)
  • Incubator
  • Native-lang (translation)


  • Product Development
  • Extension Development
  • Language Support
  • Helping Users
  • Distribution
  • Promotion

There is a list of projects "to do" and projects themselves may have "to do"s.
To contribute must:

  • all committed code must contain a specific header
  • must have signed the Sun Microsystems Contributor Agreement (SCA)
  • be a developer for that project
  • be accepted for that project by being nominated by a developer and approved by the project lead

Complex system of describing type of change and the priority with which others must update to it.  A change can be vetoed if a majority of project leaders object.


  • Can develop UNO specified extensions to the OpenOffice API

Release schedule:

  • Three month release cycle


Creator: part of GNOME under the GNU Project

License: GPL


Others can help: