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In preparation for the meeting (Wed 6th July, 16:00 - 17:00, Atlas 2) to discuss how the BioCatalogue product should evolve to support the future needs of other projects, this page can be used to document any requirements, ideas, thoughts and so on.

This is especially important for those working on projects that are using or may use the BioCatalogue codebase (i.e.: SCAPE, BioVel, Wf4Ever, Taverna components library, etc).




Given that in Wf4ever preservation and reproducibility of results are important, I guess that following features will be worth adding, if they are not already supported by BioCatalogue:(i) service versioning, to maintain information about the different versions of the same service, (ii) relationship between services, in particular, if two services are the same, i.e., they play the same functionality and use the same resources, then this relationship is worth exposing as metadata since it may be useful in enforcing the preservation of services (and the workflow that use those services) when one of the services is no longer available. -- khalid

Taverna Components Library



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