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Requirements for Taverna 3 data bundles.

For history, see previous specification idea from 2011: 2011-02 Data bundle

Updated requirements:
Taverna Data bundles is (will be) a structured folder layout which form a distributable ZIP archive; with the purpose of containing data for or from workflow runs.

Data Bundles are (will be) based on a proposed "RO bundle" - a ZIP archive of a Wf4Ever Research Object.

    • Described according to RO model; so supports annotations, provenance etc.
    • Need: Specification on how the ZIP archive is structured, ie. what is the manifest, folders and metadata required.

A RO bundle Java API, based on OWLAPIv3 and Java 7 Filesystem providers. (Stian: Work in progress)

A Data Bundle specification, which can be used by developers in BioVel implementing this in Ruby.

A Data Bundle Java API, based on RO Bundle Java API, which at a high level exposes Taverna data structures.

  • None