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Requirements for Taverna 3 data bundles.

For history, see previous specification idea from 2011: 2011-02 Data bundle


Taverna Data bundles:

  • structured folder layout which form a distributable ZIP archive
  • purpose of containing data for or from workflow runs, ie. replace old "baclava"
  • should be possible to contain/embed workflow bundle
  • should contain provenance of workflow run (ie. be a Workflow Run Bundle)
  • should be possible to embed intermediate values
  • based on a proposed "RO bundle" (See below).

Proposed products

With estimates in 'ideal developer-time' (Stian).

RO bundle specification: (2d)

  • a ZIP archive of a Wf4Ever Research Object
  • how the ZIP archive is structured, ie. what is the manifest, folders and metadata required.
  • Described according to RO model; so supports annotations, provenance etc.
  • Modulus of SCUFL2 Workflow Bundle specification.
  • Should be written like a lightweight specification (ReSpec HTML?)

RO bundle Java API: (3d)

  • based on OWLAPIv3 and Java 7 Filesystem providers
  • Work in Progress (Stian)
  • Minimum: browsing and adding of resources in folders
  • Ideally: finding and adding related annotations
  • Optionally: Also browse online ROs through RODL (and therefore myExperiment)
  • Optionally: Publish RO to RODL (and therefore myExperiment)

Updated Data Bundle specification: (4d)

  • based on the RO bundle
  • To be used by developers in BioVel implementing this in Ruby
  • Defines similar structures as the old 2011-02 Data bundle document:
    • Individual data values (String, bytes, URL)
    • Lists
    • Error documents
  • Should be written like a lightweight specification, not wiki page

Data Bundle Java API (4d):

  • based on RO Bundle Java API
  • high level exposure of Taverna data structures creation and browsing

The work of development of API vs. spec is naturally interlinked, and developing the Data Bundle might require fixes to RO Bundle.

  • None