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  • Day: Tuesday, 19th August 2008
  • Time: 10.00
  • Room: Atlas 2

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Jits - at EBI

Attending and Minuting

Minuting: Stian

Attending: Sergejs, Stian, Marco, Ian, Alex, Paul, Katy, Constantinos, David, Robert

Actions from Previous Meeting

  • Paul: to talk to David regarding  out of memory problems. Not done yet
  • Alan: To look into T2 documentation user manual section header - thought about options, need to write it all up. Ongoing
  • Katy: send Alan her presentations and check Carole's presentations from her talks. Done
  • Stuart : Check agenda for All-Hands to see if a developer side meeting can be arranged - clarified. Unknown
  • Franck : Register for F2F at*Done, not just Franck have registered*
  • All: to make travel arrangements for OMII F2F meeting in Edinburgh Not done, new action for Ian to arrange
  • Jits: to send Constantinos details of the required merchandise Done
  • Paolo: to send requirements to Paul about selection of workflows for 3rd Provenance Challenge Done
  • Stian: to assign to Alex several T2 bugs for fixing and improving API understanding Done (by Ian)
  • Franck: to set up Jira task for T2 working fine with R-Shell Not done, but Stian did it: T2-206

OMII Operations and Management


Report back/Upcoming from Team A

Eli Lilly (question) project first phase finished and delivered. Provenance on hold for now.

Report back/Upcoming from Team B

Sergejs reporting, started with downloadable packs, but got caught by a "big" bug in myExperiment related to sharing and security. The good news is that it was sharing too little, not too much. Jits looking into this now (he's at EBI)

Report back/Upcoming from Team C

Mostly t2 development.

Stian to talk to Ravi/Wei about WSRF tomorrow.

caGrid contract signed (or at least ready to be signed). It will run for 12 months starting 1st of September 2008.

Report back/Upcoming from Team Frog

On holiday. (Stian released some updates to the webpages last week)

Report back/Upcoming from Team Tom

On holiday. When Tom comes back he will send us an email explaining what his planned work will be.

Report back/Upcoming from Training, Outreach and Curation

Visiting EBI in relation with BioCatalogue. A pilot version of the BioCatalogue is scheduled for October 2008. Our friends will be invited to try it, including Marco.

The CASIMIR paper has been accepted, it's about phenotypes and prototypes.

All Hands Meeting posters needed. Some discussion about cardboard vs. laminate, Constantinos seems to know what's best (smile) 2 posters? Should we do a t2 poster as well? We think so. We can always do some demoing on our machines even if the public beta won't be out yet. 

Report back/Upcoming from BioAssist

Not much yet, BioAssist just starting up again after the summer break.

Team Marco can report some tutorial in Antwerpen (question)

Round-table from Floating Team Members

Upcoming Milestones/Cross Team Scheduling Issues

Support Hat and JIRA Review (alternate weeks)

Upcoming Meetings

Funding News

T2 Process Discussion

Any Other Business (AOB)

Minuting for the Next Meeting

New actions

Previous/Next Minutes

Previous meeting: 2008-08-12

Next meeting: 2008-08-26

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