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Security means different things to different people – service providers tend to employ different security protections for their services and there are many security models around. Normally, when we talk about security in Taverna we mean how you can authenticate to a secured service and invoke it from Taverna.


Taverna 2.x currently supports access to secure Web services that use HTTP Basic or WS-Security authentication with username and password. A prototype plugin allows the use of OAuth protected services.

Taverna also lets you invoke secured service that use HTTPS to protect the confidentiality of the traffic (the ones which URL starts with https:// instead of http://).

In addition, several Taverna plugins have been developed that enable Taverna to invoke secure services on grids.

Taverna Workbench 2.x also has the Credential Manager built in, a utility for safe-keeping your credentials (passwords and certificates) and certificates of trusted services you use in your workflows.

We are aware that there are many other models for securing services, which we will support if our user community needs it. If you are a Taverna user trying to use a secure Web service implemented using a security model other than those described in this FAQ section please contact us via the taverna-usersmailing list.

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