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Official download page

See the official Taverna Download page for the latest version and detailed installation options.


If you have administrator rights on your machine, you can download the Windows installer. A wizard will guide you through the installation to C:\Program Files and Taverna will be added to the Start menu. If you do not have a recent Java (1.5 or higher), the wizard will also help you install the newest Java from Sun.

If you do not have administrator rights, you can download the Windows archive instead – this is simply a self-extracting 7zip archive. You can place the extracted folder wherever you like. Start Taverna by double clicking on taverna-2.3.exe.

Mac OS X

Download the OS X disk image. After opening the disk image, a Finder window should appear.

You can then drag the Taverna application into your Application folder, or wherever you prefer to keep the application.

Double-click on the installed application (not the one in the disk image) to start Taverna.


Download the Linux archive and unpack it using the following command from a terminal:

or by double-clicking it in your desktop environment. Make sure that you have both Oracle Java 1.5 or higher and Graphviz. Place the extracted folder wherever you like, start a terminal, and run:

to start Taverna.

If you have any problems, double-check that you are using the official Oracle Sun java by running:

Uninstalling Taverna

If you have installed a new version of Taverna, you might want to uninstall the old version. You might also want to uninstall Taverna because you had trouble with starting Taverna the first time, and want to try a fresh installation.

See Uninstalling Taverna for details on how to uninstall - the exact procedure depends on which method above you used to originally install Taverna.

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