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The Taverna Workbench is organised into several perspectives that allow you to do various things with workflows. In this quick overview we will cover the two main perspectives - Design and Result.

Design Perspective

When you start the Taverna Workbench, you are presented with the Design Perspective, where you can load existing, create new, modify and save workflows. It consist of several components:

  • Service Panel
  • Workflow Explorer
  • Workflow Diagram

Service Panel
  • Lists all services available in Taverna.
  • Allows your to add new services and remove existing services.
Workflow Explorer
  • Contains a tree-like view of the workflow where workflow components (inputs, outputs, services, links, etc.) are represented as nodes in the tree.
  • Contains details of workflow components and allows advanced configuration on services such as iteration and looping.
  • Allows you to view and edit properties of workflows and services.
Workflow Diagram
  • Allows you to build and edit workflows by drag-and-dropping services from the Service Panel to the workflow diagram and connecting services together.
  • Enables the visualization of the workflfow diagram.
  • Shows inputs/outputs, services and control flows.

Result Perspective

Once you start a workflow run - Taverna switches to Result Perspective. You can also switch to it at any time by selecting the Results tab in the top left corner of the Workbench, just below the tool bar. In Result Perspective, you can:

  • monitor the progress of currently running workflows
  • view previous (and current) runs
  • view and save intermediate and final results of workflow runs

Monitor currently running workflows

  • Shows interactive graphical and tabular representation of a workflow in two different tabs.
  • Shows progress of each of workflows services as they are being executed.
  • Allows a workflow run to be paused/resumed and cancelled.
  • Switch between showing intermediate and final workflow results

Previous and current runs

  • Shows a list of workflow runs from your current session as well as any past saved workflow runs

Intermediate and final results

  • Shows data values sent as input or produced as an output of a service (intermediate results) of the whole workflow (final results).
  • Renders individual data values, based on their MIME type, e.g. images, plain text, XML, HTML, binary data.
  • Clicking on a service node in the graphical or tabular view of the monitor shows the (currently available) intermediate results for all inputs and outputs of that service.
  • Clicking on a white canvas in the graphical view or the workflow node in the tabular view of the monitor shows the (currently available) final results for all inputs and outputs of the workflow.
  • Enables saving of individual data values or all input or output data of a service or the whole workflow.
  • None