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  • Vojtech Spiwok 

  • Niall Beard

  • Oscar Torreno 

  • Aleš Papič 

  • Terri Attwood

  • Milo Thurston

  • Pedro Fernandes




  • Rita Hendricusdottir

  • Aleks Nenadic

Minutes Taker Terri

Last Actions

Action on Aleks  - have call with Slovenian Training Co-ordinators about their materials and TeSS. Will be having a skype chat. F2F probably not happening. DONE
Action on Aleks: Contact each node about what data is needed for their particular node page (to fill in TeSS' node template) ONGOING
Action on Aleks: Poke ELIXIR Hub Web content team about putting link on website's training page and make it more prominent DONE
Action on Aleks: Set up meetings with Stale (NO) and Brane (SI) to talk about integrating their training materials into TeSS ONGOING
Action on Aleks: include TrCs in the Doodle poll for skype chat on integration and workflows, with a possibility of collocating the F2F meeting with ECCB DONE-ish

1. Technical

  • ELIXIR Registry Integration developments

    • Rudimentary integration achieved - demo of link to, for example, ArrayExpress

    • Good progress being made

  • Illustrating workflow capability - EMBER, further suggestions?

    • Brief demo of workflow functionality

    • Plan to implement aspects of EMBER prior to ECCB

      • Action: Niall and Terri to meet and discuss next week

2. Branding

  • Domain name -

    • - not fit in with non bioinformaticians.

    • Losing the weight of brand already - would it be worth it?

    • TeSS is a crowded market place

    • Policy of ELIXIR-TeSS - as a phrase

      • Decision all: don’t change name to, but ensure that when you refer to TeSS, you use the phrase ELIXIR-TeSS

  • Dye cut Stickers for ECCB

    • Action: Niall to order new stickers

  • Social media development - any advise? Twitter, News section on site? Training Spotlight?

    • Started to engage with Twitter

    • This spiked when TeSS version 1 release was announced

    • Any other advice for how to engage with the community? (Could have a news/tweet feed to the main page; another idea is a training spotlight, possibly done by the TrCs - e.g., short promotional articles about training of interest (this could degrade quite quickly without a Webmaster to oversee it)…?)

      • Action: Niall - investigate Twitter feed; don’t pursue ‘spotlights’

3. Admission Policy

  • Inclusion of for profit materials - essentially free advertising? Possible options

    • Display them with their price

    • Display them with a warning-like flag that this is for-profit

    • Do not allow them in TeSS

    • Charge them?

  • This arose following a contact from ThermoFisher to upload their training content.

    • Decision: general agreement that providing a tag to show whether a course comes from a for-profit organisation would be the best of the above options

    • Action: Niall - enable TeSS tagging for for-profits

4. Content Providers

  •  Currently dialogues open with:

    • Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre

    • Slovenian eLearning platform

    • Software/Data Carpentry

      • Materials available on GitHub. A template is cloned and populated with new material. Niall has added metadata to their template. Next time somebody creates SWC/DC materials, they’ll be prompted to complete this fields. This will get exported in format, which can then be imported into TeSS

  • Anyone else?


Pedro: has a historical database of training-related information, on an internal server hosting an SQL database. The info can be exported for use in TeSS. The question is, in what format should this be done.

Niall: possibly an XML dump/JSON file?

Pedro: making some training materials for instruct the instructor and another training course in GitHub and can format the metadata.

Niall: Recommend including this hidden YAML that has been tried with data carpentry as seen here - it gets rendered in a table in github and can be rendered out in a format if the pages are displayed as github pages using jekyll.

Niall: Both TeSS and Bioschemas posters accepted for ECCB. Good opportunity for TeSS to contact new content providers. Several participants on the call will be present.

Niall: Also proposes to submit a software demo (based on EMBER workflows implemented in TeSS) to NETTAB and help with hackathon about getting registry to use / codemeta annotations.

New Actions

  • Niall - order new stickers
  • Niall - enable TeSS tagging for for-profits
  • Niall - investigate Twitter feed; don’t pursue ‘spotlights
  • Niall and Terri - meet and discuss implementing EMBER workflow next week

  • None