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Last months minutes;

Attending: Niall, Henriette, Rita, Gabry, Chris Taylor, Christof De Bo, Roland Krause, Wei Gu, Oscar Torreno, Victoria Dominguez del Angel

Maybes: Jessica, Terri, Pedro

Apologies: Vojtech

1. New TeSS Features

  • Administration feature - Displays whether materials are no longer available or a scraper hasn’t run

    • Idea: to send the contact for the provider an e-mail about broken link, rather that have curator go over the information regularly.

    • Also to have ‘person responsible’ for each content stream.

  • New events metadata - iAnn manual registration was bioevents portal. Moving to TeSS but metadata needed to be updated before can sync. This is almost finished bar ensuring our scrapers work with new metadata

    • Also Improved geolocation

    • Improved date input

  • Phase 1 of integration complete.

    • Can search the database for tools related to a training material

    • Can then attach this tool to the material

    • Next steps include

      • Looking to create a mapping between training and tools

      • Allowing the tools registry to query all materials based on tool (almost complete)

      • Looking at the data to see what else can be done - e.g discover pipelines based off commonly seen collections of tools within material


2. Content Providers

  • Ongoing developments

  • Bioschemas update

    • Document being developed by the Hub to motivate and guide implementation

      • Think about how to formally mandate ELIXIR event / material creators to register in TeSS - be it manually or structuring their data to be included.

  • Ongoing content feeds

    • SIB

    • CSC

    • de.NBI

    • IFB (Institut Français de Bioinformatique)

    • EBI train online

    • eLearning Platform

    • UK Doctoral Training Centres

      • Spanish node to discuss this shortly

  • For profit companies -

    • distinction made between events that are for-profit and not already made in TeSS.

    • Consider charging for advertisement for for-profits.

  • Course content

    • From EBI: regarding eLearning - whether there is going to be a separate set of online courses (that are not simply course materials) that people can search.  EBI interest here is obviously Train online, which currently sits in the materials section - which they are not..

    • Events and materials are currently distinguished by its temporality - an event happens between one date and another and a material is always accessible. It would be good to add an attribute separating materials into whether something is considered a course or a material so the users can find what’s appropriate for them. We need to consider what that dividing line is.

3. Workflows

4. Curation

  • Currently not done. Relying on content providers to inform us when something is wrong

    • New feature to identify problem services

    • Need to expand curator community

    • Will plan e-mail notifications and training co-ordinator account roles

Rita: AOB

  • None