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This page contains 'issues' pulled from JIRA which relate to enhancements to or new features in the Taverna Workbench UI.

[]GUI refactoring tools

Introduce a feature into the GUI to allow refactoring of a workflow. e.g. "Change all services of type X to use Y instead" - for the case where a service no longer exists.

Refactoring a service could be done by dragging a new service (ie. processor) from the service panel onto an existing processor. Normally this would add the service as an alternate, and allow binding of ports.

One solution could be to first add as an alternate, and then right click and say something about "Switch with alternate" - which could let the alternate be the primary processor and the old one an alternate. This could be useful by itself, but it would be a heavy way to do a replacement, as it would be something like 30 steps.

A dialogue could anyway pop up, that asks the user if he wants to add an alternate or replace the existing one. The dialogue could at the same time show the mapping of ports, so that the user can do this then, no matter if it's an alternate or replacement.

Add cut and paste, which can work on processors, inputs, outputs and nested workflows. Probably very confusing on links, so better avoid it. Under the hood this can work by just using the XML fragments, and with "Name already in use, new name: ____" dialogue on paste if there's a conflict.Tom - This should be made a lot easier with the transactional Edit model we're using in T2, effectively assembling a 'macro' out of multiple edits in a transaction. We can't do this though until the entire UI has moved to T2 in June so I'm parking this here for now. 

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