Contract tone

The aim is for the work outcomes to be useful for myGrid (naturally) and for the work described to be challenging but tractable for David.

We are working out some of the details of the work areas as we go along, with the focus being usefulness and tractablility.

In agile terms we are preferring collaborations over contracts; possible due to the strong trust between the team and David.

Please read the original Taverna 3 contract page for context

A stable Taverna 3 release is the target for this contract. (actual -  alpha 2 and buy in for the teams was achieved)


Contract to start 23th of September 2013 to 20th of December 2013.

M5 - Sept/Oct 2013
M6 - Oct/Nov 2013
M7 - Nov/Dec 2013

Project management

Things which will not be part of the Taverna 3 contract

Features in Taverna 2.x which will not make it to Taverna 3 release

prerequisite myGrid work

These things need addressing before Taverna 3 can be delivered :


Source code layout (Donal) (20/12 - for myGrid to do)

Forward port of Taverna 2.x changes since 2.4.0 to Taverna 3.x (new section 02/09) 


Plugin/Update system

A strong overall aim of this work is to enable a true continuous release mechanisms for Taverna. Most of the work will be hardening, documentation and porting (and any necessary bug fixes) as oppose to features. (23/09 - David confirmed this) (20/12 - David said this is what happened)

NOTE - report need at 6pm on Friday - ask him to e-mail the Jira things he has been working on, note things he realised need to be worked that he is not working on (20/12 - this was done in weekly reports and things were added to JIRA - David thinks everything was done)



Stain - 50% Taverna 3 and rest Provenance (20/12 - did databundle and saving wf report, testing - 50% me )
Alan - meetings and ? (20/12 meetings only and testing)
Alex N - 50% from mid- October (20/12 - just the last week 30% Tav 3)
Donal - 50% from October (20/12  - none)

AP (some testing)

SS (some testing)

Christian (1 week testing maybe a bit more)

Documentation (this looks like a month of work) documentation and fixing bugs


Integration (20/12 - look at testing for Alpha2)

Test top 20 workflows on myExperiment (none BioMoby ones)

<Alan to provide specification> of testing (e.g. load, run, provenance) - all of the myExperiment workflows which is used for release - point David to them Alan

Build workflows form the starter pack - Alex N

Unit testing (20/12 - another plugin in build that does this - but need to tell it to build the report)

Any new and modified code should be covered by appropriate unit test code coverage.

Report on test coverage to be provided.

Other - added 20/12

Please JIRA for other things that are not included in this document that were done or noted for Taverna 3 version alpha 1, alpha 2 and the proposal for Beta 1  (the latter being something myGrid should do)

MyGrid work (handover and post delivery)

Not an exhaustive list; but indicative of the split of work