As of 2013-10, we have a CrashPlan cloud backup solution through the UK hosting provided CeeJay. We have currently got slots for 10 servers of about 100 GB each, with possibility of a certain float so that it is OK if one server is using 250 and another 30. 5 servers/virtual machines are currently backed up, but it

Recently, the price from CeeJay have however increased as upstream CrashPlan has increased, and we are going to reconsider other providers.


Among the features that are essential for myGrid's backup needs:

Desired features:


The following review is based on providers found through Google searches, Wikipedia and word of mouth.

Out of scope



Community based

These kind of p2p solutions allow you to get disk space by contributing your own disk space - and so you can reduce the cost by committing local bandwidth and extra diskspace - both of which we have excess of.

Make your own



The University of Manchester has both Research Data Storage (redundant file store mountable using CIFS or NFS) and a shared area. Usage of both of these would require additional local software, e.g. rsync, rdiffbackup, bacula. While the RDS has two sites, one of these are in the same building as our servers, and so it would seem to be more vulnerable.

Own servers

A variant of the above, but just server-to-server backup. The problem is that all our servers are in the same building. NEed to pair up with someone outside.


The conclusion is for now not clear. Providers to consider further: