Taverna Workbench now comes in editions (builds) for several domains - astronomy, biodiversity, bioinformatics and digital preservation. These editions mainly differ in available plugins (e.g. for service types) and default service sets. Taverna Workbench Enterprise is an edition which contains all available plugins. Unless otherwise stated, this Manual refers to the Enterprise edition.

The User Manual is very much work in progress, and not the complete manual. Please contact us if we have missed something that you would like to see or we have not explained something good enough.

The User Manual explains how to use the Taverna Workbench and is not domain specific. In other words, it does not show you how to solve a particular domain-specific problem, for example build an annotation pipeline workflow for prokaryotic genome. If you want domain-specific help, that can be arranged in a form of tutorial or a workshop by getting in touch with us.

Table of Contents