The HTTP proxy preferences controls how Taverna Workbench connects to URLs (addresses) on the web.

Your system administrator or IT department can tell you if you need to specify a HTTP proxy; you can obtain the necessary settings from them.  One common reason will be that Taverna Workbench is running behind a 'firewall'.  If Taverna Workbench does not show any Biomart, Biomoby, Soaplab or WSDL services in the Services Panel then this is a sign that your HTTP proxy needs to be set.

These preferences can be changed by:

  1. In Taverna, select Preferences from the Taverna or File menu.
  2. Select HTTP proxy from the Preferences pop up window.
  3. Change the preferences as shown below.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Close the Preferences pop up window.

There are three options:

Use system properties is the default option and is usually correct.

The panel lists the five values that can be altered for the HTTP proxy settings.

You are only able to edit the HTTP proxy values if you select the Use specified values option.


If you click Help then you will obtain help on this dialog. Reset resets the values to the last applied values. Apply takes the shown values and applies them to Taverna.

It is a good idea to restart Taverna once you have altered these settings as some existing connections may become unpredictable.