Taverna Server 2.5 is the build of Taverna Server that uses the Taverna 2.5.0 Execution Engine core. It also has a substantial number of new and extended features over Taverna Server 2.4. The supported release of Taverna Server 2.5 is 2.5.4, which requires at least Java 7.

Download Taverna Server 2.5.4.


Start with the Conceptual Interface to learn how to use an installation of Taverna Server, or the Installation Guide to learn how to get Taverna Server on your system.


Taverna Server 2.5.4 supports all features including run bundle/provenance generation. It requires Java 7 (OpenJDK 7 is recommended but not mandatory) or later.

To summarise the features, they are:

Known Limitations

There is a known limitation of 100MB on the size of individual atomic values that may be present on a workflow port, processor port or datalink of a Workflow. With a list, this is a restriction on the size of the elements in the list, and not on the total size of the list’s items, though it is recommended that lists be kept substantially smaller than this to ensure that they fit in memory. The recommended workaround for this is to keep large values in files on disk or in a database, and to only pass references to those files (i.e., filenames) along datalinks.