This page is outdated and might refer to SVN repositories at Google Code.

Apache Taverna 3 source code is available at

Taverna 2 source code is available at



The source code of Taverna 2 is kept in a Subversion repository, hosted by Google Code Project hosting.

NOTE: Google Code will shut down in 2016 - see an archived SVN tree at

Note that historic source code (Taverna 1) is archived in our SourceForge CVS repository- any Taverna 2 related modules in CVS (like t2core) should be empty as Taverna 2 code has moved to the Subversion repository described here.

A copy of the SourceForge CVS repository is available at


Code repositories

Checking out Taverna from source

Follow the Checking out Taverna source code, compiling, running and debugging tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to check out, build and work with Taverna's source code.

Repository structure

Basically all the source code for a Taverna Workbench Build is organized below the /taverna folder. The top-level folders are:

The /taverna folder is organised by category, which again contain individual Maven projects. The projects have "full" names like net.sf.taverna.t2.core, reflecting their Maven groupID, and have the Subversion standard trunk/branches/tags folder structure:

This structure makes it possible to release each of these projects independently, as they will have their own version numbers and tags/branches. As there's about 20 of these projects, they are again organised into main categories:

See the documentation about Maven modules for further details about the content of these categories.