Relationship to Taverna Workbench

Kabak (codename) is a new tool. It allows users to create, edit and run workflows (although they are probably best not called that), created from components (and data) that are well-described and work together.

It is _not_ a re-implementation or extension of Taverna.

It removes all unnecessary complexity of Taverna and allows the power of workflows to be made available to ordinary (not power) users.



Activity/Service types

Components only

Output rendering (mime magic)

Output data is typed from components.  Data is always typed in components.

Lists (of lists...)

Only singletons or tabular data

myExperiment and BioCatalogue integration

No myE or BioCatalogue integration except when developing components

Dot/cross product

Fixed in component definition. Palette of choice for behaviour

Opening any T1/T2 workflow

Only open certain workflows

XML splitters

Inside components

Nested workflows

Inside components

Error handling

Explicit part of component


Only what's defined in the component

Users of Kabak will not see what is inside a component. It is possible that they may be able to edit a component which will start a component editor on that component.


In Taverna Workbench

Ability to export a workflow as a component to a library. This includes specification of the types of the input and output data and the palette of possible dot/cross behaviours.

Component editor. Need to analyze how this differs from ordinary workflow editing.

Import a component from a library so it can be edited.

In Component Library (Agora)

Component families

Component viewer

Component editor